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Paola Girardi Tailor’s shop

Paola Girardi
Corso Fogazzaro, 139 Vicenza
Tel. +39 0444 544865

About two hundred articles have spoken about Paola Girardi and her tailor’s shop in the centre of Vicenza, that is distinguished for its tailored garments and a rich pattern book of fabrics. Art and creative capacity of this designer, who means to keep up the image of dressmaking in the area where she operates, act as professional guide for her work, which in the course of years has received increasingly more prestigious acknowledgments. After obtaining the certificate of pattern making in design and cut in 1972, she worked as a designer for factories and got some experience within businesses in this sector. Then, in 1983, she started her own business and became fashion creator for dressmaking. From the very start, the fashion shows with her creations won great success and five years later she opened her atelier in Vicenza, Contrà Porta Santa Croce, where it remained until 1999, when she moved to Corso Fogazzaro. Besides high dressmaking garments, she started to produce dress for the theatre, that enabled her to sharpen new techniques and widen her experiences. She is based in Vicenza, but, thanks to Accademia dei Sartori in Rome, her handiworks are well-known in all Europe and Japan. Since the end of Nineties, her creations started to be shown at Tailors World Congresses. In Rome1995, in Valencia (Spain) 1997, in Interlaken (Switzerland) 1999, Paris 2001, Treviso 2003, Berlin 2005, Taipei (Taiwan) 2007. Besides her participations in many high fashion shows, she collaborated with other tailor shops in the production of costumes for Naturalis Labor dance company at Teatro Olimpico, in Vicenza 1998. In 1996, in Vicenza, a personal exhibition titled The dress of Paola Girardi was dedicated to her: garments designed at various times in her career were presented. The work of this tailor’s shop from Vicenza goes from concept to design, from materials research to pattern making, from cut to finish, but it doesn’t stop here. Nominated in 2000 Head of the Local Council of the Tailors of Vicenza area, Paola Girardi deals with vocational training, supporting schools and associations, and is very active in cultural projects, either on her own or with institutional roles. In 2007 she collaborated in a project with the School of Art and Crafts of Vicenza, acting as the coordinator of tailors from Vicenza, and she became vice-president of FIDAPA – Vicenza, an Association of Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Her great passion for art led her to organize in the tailor’s shop in Corso Fogazzaro not only fashion events but also, in 2004, Fashion and painting exhibitions with the artist Franco Dalla Pozza.
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